Safety Flooring



Safety Flooring provides a very hygienic surface which is easy to maintain. All the main manufacturers produce the vinyl with its own easy clean protection, and with no need to seal or polish this will lower your maintenance costs. Safety Vinyl is also very hard-wearing so it is a perfect solution for heavy traffic areas and as it is also slip resistant the vinyl will maintain high safety standards, even in wet environments.

 Safety Vinyl for a new Science Lab


Safety Vinyl can be installed into most areas and is highly recommended for areas such as

Toilets, Wet Rooms, Changing Rooms, Canteens, Kitchens etc.


Gerflor Tarasafe Ultra Colour Ruby Safety Vinyl with a 1m high coved skirting



Safety Flooring can also be ‘coved’ to form skirting up the walls,  all in one smooth transition and finished with capping strips to ensure even greater hygiene standards, plus making the vinyl easier to clean.



We supply and install a wide range of Safety Flooring Vinyl including Gerflor, Polyflor, Tarkett, Altro and many more so we can offer and show you all types of designs and colours available to suit your requirements and budget.


Also, in our Floorcare section on the website we can supply a floor cleaning product specifically designed for safety vinyl that will make maintenance much easier.


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