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Add natural character to a space with engineered and solid wood flooring, or affordable restoration solutions.

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Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring

Popular with those who want to achieve a high-end aesthetic, engineered and solid wood flooring brings natural colour and character to any living area. While engineered wood flooring consists of multiple layers of plywood finished with a top hardwood layer, solid wood flooring is cut from one single piece of timber. Engineered wood is generally a more cost-effective option than solid wood, but both types of floorboard have the same distinctive woodgrain finish and long-lasting appeal that discerning homeowners love.

Wood Floor Restoration Services

We also specialise in wood floor restoration, to help add vibrance back into old and worn out wooden floors. Additionally, if the floor seal has gradually worn off, common in places of traffic, and if you can see the bare wood please get in touch. Your floor will likely need a complete sand back, to remove the dated sealing, and then require re-sealing by our experienced team. Speak to our team to arrange a visit, simply use our contact form to get in touch.

Laminate Flooring

For an affordable alternative to engineered or solid wood flooring, we recommend laminate. Available in a wide variety of designs which mimic the patterns and tones of a wooden floor, laminate is easier to take care of than timber and suitable for those on a budget too. Low-maintenance laminate is a popular choice with commercial customers too, as its durable nature and competitive price range means it offers great value for money. If you want to add wooden floorboards to your office or workspace, but want something that will withstand heavy traffic, laminate is a great solution.

Call our team on 01296 424009 to arrange a site visit and see for yourself our wide selection of laminate flooring samples from leading brand names. Once you have chosen your new flooring and we have measured your space, we will provide a free quotation.

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